Mythology and Athena

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Athena is an ancient Greek goddess, who was worshiped by the Greeks for her special qualities. Athena’s birth wasn’t a normal affair as she came out of her father’s body. Her father, the mighty Zeus, was the lord and master of all the other Greek gods. Athena has several brothers and sisters like Artemis, Aphrodite, and Apollo. She is associated with owls, olive trees, snakes and the Gorgoneion.

Birth of Athena

Athena was born from the forehead of Zeus after he swallowed her mother, Metis, goddess of prudence or craftiness. One day, while playing games, she became a fly and was gobbled up by Zeus. A few months later, Zeus had a blinding headache and to cure it he got his head split open. As soon his head opened up, Athena jumped out and that is how she came into being.

Pallas Athena

Athena was also known as Pallas Athena. She was worshiped for fertility, prudent warfare, wisdom, and arts. When she sprang out from her father’s head, Athena was armed with various weapons and let out an almighty war cry – she was a born fighter. She went on to help the Greeks win the Trojan War and also helped Odysseus during his epic journey. Athena was known as Minerva in Roman mythology.

This goddess is so closely associated with war and strategy that she is often depicted as wearing a helmet. Athena seems like a very masculine character, but, at the same time, this virgin goddess also patronizes handicrafts and other arts associated with women. The city of Athens was named after her when she defeated Poseidon in a contest to determine who would patronize the Greek capital.